Installation Services

MAC-ZIKO installation activities bring together a range of fields of expertise to create comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that are specifically tailored to meet our client’s needs. Installation is often the critical stage in the realization in the oil and gas production facilities and this is why MAC-ZIKO adheres to industry’s codes and standards.Some of the installation services includes but not limited to;

a) Chromatography – to measure the quality of product or reactants
b) Density (oil) – for custody metering of liquids
c) Dewpoint (water dewpoint and hydrocarbon dewpoint) to check the efficiency of dehydration or dewpoint control plant
d) Electrical conductivity – to measure the effectiveness of potable water reverse
e) Oil-in-water – prior to discharge of water into the environment pH of reactants and products
f) Sulphur content – to check the efficiency of gas sweetening plant

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