Early Production Facility (EPF)

With our partnership experience in providing Early Production Facilities allows us to assist our clients across the exploration, development and production phases of their wells. We can design, install, commission and operate Early Production Facilities systems across a range of oilfield for our clients. Our service offers our clients the opportunity to bring new expansions on stream on a fast-track base, before enduring facilities will be installed. This will bring about financial and operational benefits to our clients. Our EPF solutions are built around modular, prefabricated equipment with reconfiguration flexibility for production optimization.

Our EPF Infrastructure includes;

  • Power Generation
  • 3-Phase Separator
  • Flare System (KO Drum and flare stack with flare ignition system)
  • Fuel Gas System
  • Instrument Air
  • Control System
  • Fire and Gas System
  • Miscellaneous Utilities
  • Engineering Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Installation Services
  • Construction Services
  • Commissioning Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Early Production Facility (EPF)