Bespoke Solutions

MAC-ZIKO offers a truly bespoke engineering solution is for our client’s facilities in order for them to work to their full potential; after all something that works for one company might not work at all for another. This is why we ensure that our clients’ needs are well understood for us to design and proffer solutions that meets their specific purpose and objective. Some of our Bespoke Solutions includes but not limited to;

Oil-Water Separation:

When a well is produced, what comes to the surface is a mixture of oil, water, gas, and solids. After the gas has been separated from the liquid, the oil and water that remain must also be separated. Oil and water emulsion refers specifically to the fluid that comes directly from an oil and gas well. Emulsions in the oil industry are either classified as “water-in-oil” or “oil-in-water” depending on the ratio of the volume of liquids.  
All these components are separated using multiple principles of separation to achieve the desired end products that are considered valuable. Gravity separation is one of MAC-ZIKO common solution and method for oil emulsion separation depending on our clients’ needs. The density differences allow water to separate by gravity. With enough time in a non-turbulent state, the differing specific gravities will naturally separate.

Oilfield Facility Audit:

MAC-ZIKO provides audit services for our clients’ oilfield facilities through onsite inspection, observation, confirmation, recalculation, re-performance, and analytical procedures in order to give a sound recommendation to our client as regard the facility.
Our highly experienced Auditors design audit procedures to detect all kinds of risks identified and ensure that the required audit evidence is obtained sufficiently and appropriately.

Oilfield Metering:

Hydrocarbon metering is carried out using specialized and high-precision equipment to ensure accuracy. The process of storing and delivering processed fluids to the midstream operator is one of the most relevant in the oil and gas value chain. The amount of product transferred during this stage has to be precisely measured as it implies a transfer of ownership (Custody Transfer Metering).
MAC-ZIKO provides metering stations to allow operators to monitor and manage the oil and natural gas exported from the production installation. We employ specialized meters to measure the natural gas or oil as it flows through the pipeline, without impeding its movement.
MAC-ZIKO understands that product measurement is the primary source of revenue determination in the industry and as a result, has a direct impact on profit. Our professionals and engineers who provides oil and gas metering services possess the knowledge and range of technical skills necessary to address our clients’ flow measurement challenges. Our metering solutions enhance flow metering accuracy, precision and better verification exercise and also provides instantaneous values, does the calculations, required indication and also display of flow rate and volume.

Our Oilfield Metering Solutions includes but not limited to;

  • LACT Unit
  • Metering Skid
  • Flow Meters
  • Engineering Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Installation Services
  • Construction Services
  • Commissioning Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Early Production Facility (EPF)